The Joy of Table Setting

I reserve the act of table setting for myself. It begins with a decision to have family or friends over for a meal, once the guest list is firm. I consider the season, which, coupled with particular eating habits and/or restrictions of the majority, then settles what will be served. Now I can select the table settings, glass and silverware.

Deciding on table linens comes next, followed by flower choice. In keeping with what is available at the florists’, I may opt to celebrate the season or to complement the theme of my table, from lavish bouquets to sprays of wildflowers; from celebration to the simple reminders of nature’s beauty.

When I set a table, I experience a particular brand of emotion unlike any other. Seeking to impart pleasure transports me. I get immense satisfaction from eliminating even the smallest crease as I iron a tablecloth, or folding symmetry into an elegantly pressed napkin.

The cloth is laid. Plates, knives, forks, spoons and glasses find their places, joined by the table center and battery of amendments (salt and pepper cellars, wine coasters, candleholders and a pitcher for water). I save adding the napkins for last, unless I change my mind, and decide on place name holders. Or decide at the last minute to change the tablecloth, or to use entirely different dinnerware. Or to change everything. Once the table is ready, I turn my attention to the meal…

Click on the slide show to toggle through each piece and view information on size and prices. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Everything you see is available for your spring/summer 2017, with international shipping worldwide.

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