Tuesday, March 28, 2006 Many, really ….

of Tuesday, March 28, 2006 Many, really …. Yesterday, I asked, as all the press, the question of "How? ". Despite differences in the accounts, the answer is unanimous. Lots, lots … Whether according to police figures – which recorded 1.06 million demonstrators in some 250 marches – or those of the unions with three million, participation in Tuesday’s day my homework helper
was twice that of the previous anti-CPE mobilization of March 18, which brought together between 500,000 and 1.5 million people. Participation in Education, according to figures provided by the Ministry, was also very high: 37% to 40.56% in high schools in colleges and 42.7% in schools. Besides high schools (like the one where I teach) that were closed … The other question yesterday was: "What next? ". To this question ; the Prime Minister seems for now respond with indifference and wants to keep the law while offering facilities. That refuse unions of employees and youth. Rest the exit door of the Constitutional Council … Bet on the decay is anyway very risky for the government. incidents we saw today, less important, however, that on March 18, glazing the various events. The risk is great radicalization and exacerbation of violence that would benefit no one. All these points are developed in your newspapers. You now have one more reason to read this for the newspapers "paper" is not distributed, it must necessarily read online press today. There are days when you feel useful … Good Reading … ——————————– Villepin ————– 28/03/06 Liberation spleen divisions Prime Minister invited unsuccessfully unions and students to "discuss", ignoring the strong mobilization expected today . Read more of the article EDITORIAL • Funny Surreal day J. The country is blocked and tense as ever, three-quarters of the universities are affected by the strike, over a thousand high schools also, unions are seeing a mobilization in the public sector as in the private than most highlight of the pension reform, the polls give an opinion persistently two thirds hostile to the CPE, but, power side, nobody moves. […] Would not the issue, the scene would tragicomic. In the circumstances, it is so surreal that it’s hard to imagine the rest. Villepin has invited unions and student organizations tomorrow but to offer them again to discuss "improvements" to the law: the gesture is staggering, unless this is a new attempt division or a desire to exasperate a little more movement, to push the opponent. Read more of the article Strike: the public responds to the call Movement should be widely followed today throughout France, SNCF EDF, through France Telecom. Read more of the article "An unprecedented attack against the labor code," Marie-Cecile Perillat, 31, teaches history and geography in high school Toulouse-Lautrec Toulouse and campaigned Snes, majority union in the secondary. For her, Tuesday’s strike day will mark "an important meeting point" between students, students, employees and teachers. Read more of the article Paris, the police want to clean 4,000 officers will be deployed along the demonstration. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 28/03/06 CPE proof Dominica strike Villepin invited unions and student organizations to discuss this afternoon at Matignon for "adjustments to be made to the CPE." Read more of the article Paris, the rioters are expected in numbers The police department is implementing a new system to try to contain spills. Read more of the article Young and patterns for the future one side, eight young people – students, schoolchildren, students … the other five bosses. The least of them aged only 28 years and runs a business that generated ten thousand indirect jobs. The confrontation took place on March 20 to Figaro Magazine. At the heart of the debate: the CPE, unemployment, the future of a generation worried, for which the stability of a job has become almost perfect. While the bosses are demanding more flexibility to hire … A difficult dialogue but, in both sides, the desire to understand. The proof that when people of good will gather around a table, solutions are possible. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 278/03/06 (delay of one day) the government chooses to wait day tomorrow decisive in the struggle for the withdrawal of the CPE, while students will not disarm and that the situation is increasingly tense . Read more of the article They share the anger of the young Guy Bedos, comedian. "I am obviously, although I’m in CRC contract last hired, total solidarity with these young people. They react against the world as it is and they are right. I speak almost as a father but the response is not good at all. I see my children, their friends: internship internship, dragged them until thirty and forty, it is said that they are old … To return to the SCE, one can only be shocked by the way everything was organized. Normally one first dialogue, we legislate afterwards. The CPE is also an excuse for young people to tell them anxiety, concern, anger against the world they are offered. The CPE, with the brutality of dismissal after two years without cause, is an extremely violent measure. […] Patrick Bruel, singer. "The people want to express very strong. Today, the EPC meets a lot of people in the street. While most people might think. Is this really the CPE that brings all these people? Or is it that it is a desire to express a ras-le-bol, a cry for help? I see more a cry for help. […] Read more of the article Sarkozy hardens police instructions Policeman system implemented in recent anti-CPE demonstrations is debatable. He would favor the incidents that marred the end of the parade? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 28/03/06 (free today …) How? Villepin made an appointment to trade unions and students Wednesday at Matignon. Meanwhile, the anti-CPE are preparing to mobilize strongly today. Amplification of the dispute confirmed by the intelligence services. Read more of the article Police strengthens its anti-breakers device SERVICES intelligence estimate between 60 000 and 100 000 the number of demonstrators should scroll in Paris today against the CPE and hope especially less overflows on Thursday last when the Invalides turned into battlefield. The authorities, this time increasing measures to avoid such incidents, admittedly less frequent in processions also bringing employees and not only students, easy targets for violent groups. According to the police prefecture of Paris, preventive checks of persons likely to engage in acts of violence will be implemented, the network of the Paris transport subject to increased surveillance in collaboration with RATP and SNCF. "While this may cause unrest in the suburban stations avoids aggregating the procession," said a police officer. Read more of the article Education slow OF NURSERY universities, the entire planet will turn education today slow to protest against the First Employment Contract. The five federations of Education (FSU, UNSA, FERC-CGT, CFDT Sgen, FAENR) called for the strike to chorus. Review by sector retail sector. Read more of the article Matignon persists, processions grow "AMBIANCE champagne" in the words of a close yesterday afternoon, in the Prime Minister’s entourage after the publication of an Ipsos poll saying the right supports 72% spatial CPE. With little regard of 8% from right to wish maintaining the CPE in the state and especially the 63% of French who do not approve the CPE, Villepin continues to remain adamant about their positions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 28/03/06 No 5 employees confederations will go to Villepin Wednesday’s five trade union confederations of employees declined Tuesday the invitation to negotiate "arrangements" at first employment contract made by Dominique Villepin, the day of the fourth day of action in two months for the withdrawal of the CPE. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 28/03/06 Strikes and anti-CPE demonstrations: the country slowed thousands of work stoppages and 135 demonstrations throughout France: the anti-CPE mobilization wave is expected to be especially marked in transport and the school Tuesday as processions will be placed under heavy police surveillance to deal with any overflow. Read more of the article Violence on the margins are under the spotlight at the fourth day of union mobilization against the CPE was announced today as the most important since the beginning of the movement. The unions point to a number of calls at the higher strike than the conflict of pensions in 2003. Violence fears, as last Thursday in Paris, are only larger. Police unions and wonder how to contain the rioters. Read more of the article The Latin Quarter will also remember March 2006 few degrees more, the leaves on the trees, and it is like in the middle of August, at the foot of the Sorbonne. The closure of the quadrangle bordering the prestigious university since the evacuation, on the night of March 10 to 11, a reign unusually quiet. " Where are you going ? You live here ? "Thus does one welcome by the security forces at checkpoints stationed at each side street. Only are allowed to enter the "zone enclave" residents, traders and customers of hotels, bars and bookstores. Many young people do dismiss. "The cops are afraid to be infiltrated from within," says a regular. In this temple of knowledge, even the teachers do not have citizenship. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 28/03/06 A Tuesday’s mobilization will be crucial new show of strength of the unions, on Tuesday against the CPE. Villepin offers them a meeting Wednesday. No, says the CFDT, without withdrawal of the CPE. Read more of the article EDITORIAL Unacceptable violence During the demonstrations of recent weeks, violence has continued to grow, showing its absurdity, its vileness, cowardice, cruelty. People were injured. Young people were robbed, dragged to the ground, beaten by other young people. Schools and universities were ransacked. looted stores. burned cars … No, violence is not a way to be heard. In a democracy, it is not legitimate. Nothing can justify it. […] Written slogans spread, trivializing these unacceptable acts. Amazing: young protesters themselves, forgetting that they are the first victims, shouting "We are all thugs. "If they aware and they invite the weakest to launch headlong into the dead end of violence? One must be very loose to shout insults, throwing cobblestones and iron ladders on people, and that his face hidden! Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 29/03/06 the mobilization against the CPE reached an unprecedented scale mobilization against the first employment contract (CPE) produced the effect of a tidal wave, Tuesday, March 28 . Approximately 1.055 million demonstrators marched throughout France, according to police, more than three million according to FO and CGT. Whatever the numbers, they are more than double those of Saturday, March 18. […] The strike affects in particular national education. According to ministry figures, it was followed by 36.83% of teachers in general and technological high schools, and 42.72% of primary school teachers, or significantly larger numbers to the strike of 7 March but less than the strike of 20 January 2005 against the Fillon law. Read more of the article Clashes took place on the sidelines parades Some of the many anti-CPE protests have been clashes Tuesday of much lower magnitude than those of Thursday. In Paris that day, two thousand rioters had clashed with police, destroyed vehicles and shop windows and attacked young demonstrators and journalists, the arrival of the parade at the Invalides. […] In the Paris suburbs, young and police officers, once again clashed in Savigny-sur-Orge in the morning. In the Val-de-Marne, twenty-seven arrests took place on the sidelines of events, according to a police source. Sixteen young people were arrested in the Kremlin Bicetre after trying to steal the cash drawer from a bakery. Protesters had earlier damaged a bus shelter and a telephone booth near a high school. Eleven preventive arrests took place in Creteil, from fifty high school students who, after protesting, went to a mall without causing damage. One of the arrested youth was an icebreaker hammer. Read more of the article Villepin refuses to give in to the protesters, Sarkozy proposes suspension of the CPE As hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Paris and throughout France for the withdrawal of the First Employment Contract (CPE), the Premier has once again displayed its determination: "the Republic, not prerequisites, this is not an ultimatum," said the Prime Minister during questions to the Government, the Assembly, referring at the request of the unions to withdraw the CPE. "I offered to discuss tomorrow at Matignon, they refused outstretched hand. I renew to you all here this proposal," the Prime Minister said. "If they want to take the path of dialogue, if they want to reduce the period of two years, an interview with the breach of contract, I’m ready," he said. Read more of the article Day of mobilization against the CPE: transportation disruptions and schools with thousands of work stoppages and 135 events expected across France, the anti-CPE mobilization wave is expected to be especially marked in transportation and school, Tuesday, March 28. The highlight of the day of this day of action will show in Paris, which will start at 14 h 30 Place d’Italie to join the Republic Square. Read more of the article "France going backwards" Foreign newspapers are struggling to understand why France is taking so long to carry out necessary reforms. "The country is walking backwards into the future," quips the Boston Globe. "The French refuse to face the facts," and to face the challenges that are theirs, adds Robert J. Samuelson, a columnist for the Washington Post. Le Temps of Geneva, he denounces growing "divorce" "between a street that condemns knowledge and economic circles that explain unconvincingly." Like many other titles, he believes that the creation of the First Job Contract (CPE), albeit poorly explained, was a step in the right direction Read more of the article email to misunderstandings You sent an e- playful mail to your colleagues, just to lighten the mood, and some have taken ill? The one you sent to your cousins ??to organize the Sunday lunch was misunderstood by half of them? Normal. By opting for e-mail, you took the maximum risk creating a misunderstanding, says a study published by the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (Chicago GSB). Is it better to use the old phone? With the participation of several dozen students, Nicholas Epley, professor of behavioral science assistant (Chicago), and Justin Kruger (New York University) examined the actual ability of people to communicate emotions and subtle intentions by both routes . They also measured what these people thought they passed on to their partners. Their conclusions: we believe that the "color" of our purpose – serious or playful, sad or angry, disrespectful or deferential – pass as effectively by email than by phone. While in fact, we are off the mark. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 28/03/06 Huge mobilization throughout France Police account pr1.000.000 people in the streets, while the CGT claims 2.7 million (between 92,000 and 700,000 in Paris). Read more of the article suburb of protesters under surveillance the anti-CPE students and students from the western suburbs of Paris went to the capital under police escort. 12 arrests in Seine-Saint-Denis Read more of the article ———————————– ———————— the daily Express of 28/03/06 Between 1 and 3 million demonstrators participation in the day of anti Action -CPE is much stronger than on 18 March. According to the CGT, 3 million protesters marched across France. New scenes of violence, including Paris, Rennes and Rouen More Article ——————————- —————————- A selection of 28/03/06 in dispatches "Sarko, fuck your mother": the face of thugs forces to Republic A few meters from the statue of the Republic and under the objectives of many cameramen perched on rooftops, hundreds of rioters defy riot police shouting "Sarkozy, fuck your mother", in Paris on Tuesday, after the demonstration against the CPE. Read more of the article Words of "thugs" from "fuck the cop" on the sidelines of the anti-CPE demonstration At 16 Ramms is one of dozens of "thugs" and "galley slaves" as they call themselves -Same, who faced the riot police on Tuesday on the sidelines of the immense Paris demonstration against the CPE. "It’s the people who governs," proclaimed that black high school student of the 20th district, while police retreating behind their shields splattered with paint. Read more of the article 387 arrests in France at 19.00, police said the security forces had arrested 387 people suspected of having engaged Tuesday in violence on the fringes of the anti-CPE protests, according to a report police established at 19.00. Read more of the article Public Service of State: 30% of strikers in the ministries (Official) About 30% of agents of the State Civil Service went on strike Tuesday as part of the day of action anti- CPE has been learned ministerial source. "29.98% of the staff of the State civil Service went on strike Tuesday," told AFP the Ministry of public Service, citing the final figures. The strike rate amounted to 37.94% at the Ministry of Education, 26.09% in the Ministry of Finance and 14.96% in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Read more of the article Rising Tide "historic" anti-CPE: between 1 and 3 million demonstrators Between 1 and 3 million demonstrators marched all generations across France on Tuesday against the CPE in processions sometimes enamelled incident, a tidal wave unprecedented face which Dominique de Villepin remained steadfast. Read more of the article Storm Warning for Villepin, who still refuses to let go of the CPE Despite the anti-CPE surging Tuesday through France and rifts within the UMP, Dominique de Villepin appeared steadfast in his will lead to an end the first battle of the employment contract. Read more of the article seen nothing … Read More Article ——————————- —————————————- for more VousNousIls The site (Section dispatches of education AFP) AFP dispatches on lesite Voila.fr the Yahoo News website under the house education teachers teaching the essential coffee Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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