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The Soul of the Craftsman: Discover the Enchanting World of La Tuile à Loup

The pieces at La Tuile à Loup are bursting with charm, playfulness, rusticity, character, depth, and the sharp expressiveness of each creator. Their quality lies in their origin as creations by talented artisans, inheritors and guardians of a skill set inspired by a long tradition. Each piece comes to life through a complex evolutionary process, going through multiple versions, concepts, trials and errors, sometimes even requiring to start from scratch. What we perceive as two hours of work does not account for the unknown number of previous failed attempts. For artisans, time and mistakes are pillars of experience, and they cherish them as such.

The creations of La Tuile à Loup carry a value that cannot be expressed in terms of price. Each piece brings with it a unique measure of the artist's soul, reflecting the artistic skill and beauty available in today's world. They bear a history, a legacy, and a tradition that make them worthy of a legitimate place in a great museum. We invite you to dive into the universe of La Tuile à Loup by making an appointment to visit our store. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty and authenticity of our products, and discover the object that will add a unique touch to your interior.


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Éric Goujou

Éric Goujou

“ Though art lover I most certainly may be, I am the creator of nothing. I fabricate no object or invent any new techniques; I am unable to even draw or sketch well enough to represent an esthetic idea.
I am nevertheless well suited to run my shop La Tuile à Loup as a place where newness is not an essential value, nor the latest trend a must to be pursued. We don’t query ourselves daily as to what’s new. 

What is important is our partnership with independent artisans located all throughout France. Their creations are inspired by traditional workmanship often regional in origin (Provence, the Savoy or Alsace) though they themselves were not born to these regions nor reside in them today. With changing times come changing customs, and artisans can now abide where the atmosphere suits them best. 

Artisanal workmanship supposes the knowledge of certain techniques, as well as the mastering of those techniques. The esthetic reaches beyond technique to include an expression of the heart and of the soul, and explains why every artisanally produced piece is unique; why one piece is judged to be merely “good”, while another pronounced “exceptional”. This is all part of the creative process. One form pleases, another does not. Pieces of a matching set finish slightly bigger, or smaller, or of varying thickness; others leave the kiln with colors of a perceptibly deeper or paler hue. Uniformity is not sought, and beauty the very product of dissonance. Once in a while, even the mediocre makes an appearance. But each piece serves to show off the attributes of another, and within each imperfection is reflected the highs and lows experienced in an artisan’s daily life. 

"What motivates my professional commitment is the idea of fostering know-how, and its personalized expression that issues from a culture, a way of living and of life observed."

Poterie Paris

What motivates my professional commitment is the idea of fostering know-how, and its personalized expression that issues from a culture, a way of living and of life observed. Technique can be taught and acquired; but the added touch of soul is the product of the cultural paradigm. A handcrafted piece may be perfect from a technical point of view, yet lacking in emotion or singularity remain lifeless. What I have discovered to be particular to the French potter (to those I know, at any rate) is a natural ability to let go, and to have a faith in art that dismisses the necessity for control. Perfection is no longer the aim, and productivity even less so. We are delivered to the fertile realm of the “happy accident”, where works created are human in spirit, and possessed of all of humanity’s delightful particularities and imperfections. This is what moves us. 

I am endlessly fascinated with what comes out of this particularity: honest, uncompromising, authentic pieces as a celebration of life. I believe that these are the qualities that are so irresistible to patrons of the Tuile à Loup – to the detriment of their pocket books, and to the delight of their lives at home. Particularity also means that we are unable to provide, in mere seconds, the quantities of product that today’s shoppers are used to, nor pretend to a Tuile à Loup boutique in cities everywhere. It speaks to the limits of, and the singular artisanship and intrinsic value that lie behind our outstanding ceramic ware. 

Authenticity is high among my personal values, and not only in reference to what we sell at La Tuile à Loup. It is my canon, and my guiding principle. On a visceral level, I am drawn to and prefer to select from only that which is authentic, exceptional, different, out of style, untrendy, uncompromising, exquisite, long lasting, consummate, personal, and unapologetic. It is a heavy burden I bear – but to do so is one of life’s greatest joys. »

Eric Goujou