The Secrets of My Obsession with Floral Arrangements

In this article, I want to share with you my passion for floral arrangements and the creative processes that take place in my mind. Although I am neither a gardener nor an expert in botany, my interest in flowers goes beyond their mere appearance. Join me as I unveil the behind-the-scenes of my floral world.

An Unlimited Passion

I won't attempt to justify my total obsession with floral arrangements. My love for flowers surpasses basic knowledge of their cultivation or classification. Instead, I am guided by the seasons and strive to use only seasonal flowers. I aim for each arrangement to reflect the season in which it is created while maintaining artistic coherence. Thus, I create unique compositions that are never merely a random grouping of flowers.

Flowers La Tuile a Loup

The Art of Collaboration

Although I can arrange flowers myself, I often prefer to entrust this task to specialists. I rely on a team of seven flower artisans, each bringing their talent and meticulous attention to detail. Every day, I let my inner floral muse guide me in selecting the right expert. Each specialist excels in a specific area, whether it's a rustic bouquet, a contemporary composition, or their own personal choice of seasonal stems. Some even elevate floral expression to the realm of true art.

The Union of Form and Nature

Once I have the flowers in hand, I carefully select the vase that will serve as the starting point for the whole arrangement. I seek a harmonious union between the container and the flora, where symmetry and contrast come together to create a balanced composition. Like a lyrical duet, where two voices blend to form a perfect melody, the vase and the flowers unite to offer a unique visual experience. However, the intricacies of this staging remain a mystery, akin to the well-guarded secrets of a puppet show's backstage.

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The art of floral arrangements goes far beyond the mere selection and placement of flowers. It is an artistic expression that blends harmony and contrast, seasonality and creativity. By sharing my reflections and creative processes, I hope to have sparked your curiosity for the fascinating world of floral arrangements. Whether you're a passionate enthusiast or simply seeking ephemeral beauty, I invite you to be enchanted by the magic of flowers.