When will these delightful wicker wonders make their long-awaited comeback?

We hope in a couple of months, if all goes well – but at this point, it’s really anyone’s guess.

The delicate art of crafting wicker cachepots

The fabrication of these delicate wicker flower pot covers - whose lyrical tracings bring fine lace to mind - relies on a very particular class of willow stem: one that is strong, yet supple enough not to snap during weaving; and of medium length, and a consistent diameter throughout that length. Size does matter; miniature wicker’s smallness requires the concentration of technicity and artisanship.

Do you begin to grasp why we are fated to a certain frustration in our desire for wicker cachepots, and why it would be unrealistic to even attempt to respond to the heavy and insistent demand for them we have experienced over the past year? Our artists choose to give the very best of themselves in service of the things they create, though creativity is so often a severe and exacting master. But the result is QUALITY. We work hard to bring our very best to you.

Wicker cachepots

Discover our enticing ceramic cachepots

And never fear; we can allay at least some part of your frustration through the tantalizing delights of our color-filled selection of ceramic cachepots, each gifted with an equal degree of particularly fine character.

Real artisanship means that we too share in the travail of an artist, alone, in search of perfection in his or her studio; or in the case of our miniature wicker pieces, as these same creators crisscross the fields and woods in search of the ideal raw materials. If our artisanal supply chain eschews an industrialism promising limitless quantity and a homogeneity of product, it excels in the uncommon, the distinctive, the unusual, and the remarkable, in a dizzying array of alternative designs.

Each of you too provides a unique opportunity for La Tuile à Loup to respond to the particular environment and personal style of your tastes and your life – this is what we, and I do best. Should you like, it would be my pleasure to accompany you by email in the adoption of a cachepot just right for you.

Ceramic cachepots

Unearth your inspiration at La Tuile à Loup

It is my enduring hope that the irresistible draw of beauty that brings us together transcends the summons of a well-designed photo shoot, or the pull of the influencer’s latest travel-infused discovery, and that here among our wares at La Tuile à Loup, you’ll unearth your inspiration, your heart’s desire, and finish with the piece that enriches both your living space and your inner satisfaction for many, many years to come.